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  1. GDT: NDSU vs. James Madison (FCS National Championship)

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    2 timeouts and it's the national title game....most coaches would use those time outs and manage the clock better after the pi call
    Better to not do anything stupid/risky and send momentum to JMU. Everything is rolling for NDSU right now, dont fuck it up by being stupid.
    So play not to lose rather than to win... That usually works well
  2. Bruce Anderson the best RB receiving threat in Bison history?

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    Hell yes! Go Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce!
    Great news! Look forward to seeing him follow Joe Haeg's blocking. Go Bison!
  3. Amy Olson 2019 LPGA season

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    Amen to that.
    Good article on the upcoming season finale:
  4. NDSU vs. SD Game Tickets for sale, Saturday, November 16.

    I have two season tickets for sale for this Saturday's game (November 16 vs. South Dakota.) They are in section 20, row KK, seats 7 & 8 (30 yard line west side.) Will sell for face value - $51.00 each, $102 for the pair cash. Please text 701-261-3894 if interested.
  5. SDSU Post Game Thoughts & Discussion

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    On point 3 I felt like Trey's passing struggles were because he was allowed to have a mid range passing game to get into rythm. Terri le play calling.

    Also did we win by enough for Bmac to put us at #1 this week?

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    He did have one nice strike down the middle where he took a bid hit.
    Great teams win hard-fought games! Wooooo!