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  1. The Easton Stick Mega Thread

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    I could see Easton in a Taysom Hill like role for most any team that wants to get creative. I just hope he gets enough opportunities to appear on a few radars.
    Iím not sure if anyone else noticed, but during the opener of the Super Bowl, all of the kids running out represented each of the 32 teams. The kid representing the Chargers appeared to be wearing a Powder Blue #2 jersey. Who would that belong to....
  2. 2020 Recruiting Updates

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    CB Gaetan Louissaint commits to Air Force
  3. NDSU vs Minnesota 2019

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    You own the Gophers? Because you beat literally two of the worst Gopher teams in school history? And you hang your hat on that? Lol thatís beyond pathetic.

    The Gophers would sleep walk to an FCS title playing those teams. No way could NDSU play with Penn State or Auburn. No chance.

    FCS fans are funny, always good for a laugh thank you.
    First- Does NDSU get the extra scholarships and a home game vs Penn St?

    Those 2 teams would have
  4. GDT: NDSU vs. James Madison (FCS National Championship)

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    2 timeouts and it's the national title game....most coaches would use those time outs and manage the clock better after the pi call
    Better to not do anything stupid/risky and send momentum to JMU. Everything is rolling for NDSU right now, dont fuck it up by being stupid.
    So play not to lose rather than to win... That usually works well
  5. Bruce Anderson the best RB receiving threat in Bison history?

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    Hell yes! Go Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce!
    Great news! Look forward to seeing him follow Joe Haeg's blocking. Go Bison!