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  1. Amy Olson 2018 LPGA

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    Come on Amy! An eagle now puts her T3!!!

    Finish fierce if itís there!

    On a brighter note for Amy, the Sycamores are tied with Western Illinois at 9! GoGrant! GoSycamores!!
  2. GDT: NDSU v. Northern Iowa

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    Grimsley playing like freshman Grimsley the last two games.
    Also known as playing like Grimsley

    Amen he has been terrible for the past few games
  3. Amy Olson 2018 LPGA

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    Sweet. Birdie to go 2 up.
    Six under today. -14 for the tournament. Two clear of a very good field that includes all of the top 10 on the planet.
  4. New indoor practice facility

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    Thats kinda neat, so presuming everything is there, then NDSU would be vacating everything at the Fargodome except for the
    locker rooms, and ticketing counters on game days.

    There is probably some rent savings involved also.
    I'd guess the football offices would still be at the Dome? Maybe some of the meeting rooms wouldn't be used anymore and would be freed up but maybe not?
  5. Sex Discrimination OK for ND Colleges

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    It is against state and federal law to discriminate on the basis of sex.

    So how can Bismarck State College do this:

    Answer: they can't. Legally anyways.

    Will be really cool when BSC is barred from receiving federal funding.
    Little more complicated than that......I'm no legal expert, but I don't think US discrimination