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  1. SDSU Post Game Thoughts & Discussion

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    On point 3 I felt like Trey's passing struggles were because he was allowed to have a mid range passing game to get into rythm. Terri le play calling.

    Also did we win by enough for Bmac to put us at #1 this week?

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    He did have one nice strike down the middle where he took a bid hit.
    Great teams win hard-fought games! Wooooo!
  2. GDT: NDSU vs. SDSU

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    Last time Bison held to three in first half?

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  3. Bison Fatigue

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    Stay until the end. The program players deserve it. If the students can't even fill their allotment let alone stay when it isn't even a blowout game I say it is time to sell their seats as general admin or open up more non-booster level season tickets with priority to those who don't already have season tickets.
    Yes, cause non students stay the whole game
    Hope you enjoyed leaving early for some Busch Lattes. I don't need purple to make my point.
  4. KVLY Crap Production

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    God forbid we actually pay for a service we are receiving... Lol

    Ice never understood why otherwise law-abiding citizens don't hesitate to steal media.
  5. Trey>Carson>Stick>Jensen Dont reply.

    Lol..trey showed great ability today and I am very happy but it was Butler