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  1. Sportscenter On The Road

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    Sarah Walsh will make those video boards beautiful.
    Ahhh that's good, I like it......but she is no Sam Sam.
    I will take Sarah.
  2. Bison "Legos" (techincally Oyos but whatever)

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    Was in the bookstore today. They said to order on line. They do not have any there but 80 sets will arrive tomorrow and they will begin to fill orders. The have a lot of new stuff. Scheels shrunk. Bookstore grew.
    Mine was in Warwick, RI this morning. Ships out of the Boston area.
  3. 2016 Verbal: Gabe Lloyd | TE/DE

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    That's awesome. What's cool is not only is he the son of a legend, he's a totally different type of athlete. Kids way taller than his dad. I'm hoping he gets a shot at DE. That's proto typical size but he looks like he could play TE too. Welcome aboard
  4. a man may have been taking pictures of kids and women in their swim suits

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    in your perfect little world, you're right.
    No, stop. Let's get more than cheap shots in here. Isn't this really what we're talking about? How much the sight of a woman feeding her child will damage the psyche of some people?

    Let's cut through this Gordian Knot we have created here and get down to it. What HARM will come of people seeing this? I don't mean feeling uncomfortable, I mean actual mental harm.
    In other pool news...
  5. Baseball Home Schedule

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    Bison with runners on 1st and 2nd. 1 out.
    Bison win...