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  2. Top Teams Over Past 5 Years (according to Sagarin)

    Over the past five years there is little doubt that NDSU has been the best program in the FCS. Here is a ranking of the top programs compared by Sagarin rating 5 year average. The results were surprising.

    1. NDSU. Ave rank 31.4 No big shock here as NDSU has won 5 NC in a row.

    2. UNI Ave rank 78.4 UNI has consistently been considered one of the toughest games on the NDSU schedule and the #2 ranking supports this contention.

    3. SHSU. Ave rank ...

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  3. 2016 NDSU NFL Pro Day

    Quote Originally Posted by Bison'01 View Post
    to put it in perspective, I compared CJ's testing numbers to other corners at the combine...

    If you forget about the bench press (7 is pretty low), he has numbers nearly identical to a guy named Vernon Hargreaves- a very talented guy for the Gators...

    Want to guess where he is projected to be drafted by many of the experts: TOP 10

    However, CJ is 12-13 lbs lighter which is a big deal as a corner in the NFL.
    You can compare CJ to a ton ...
  4. best wireless headphones for working out

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  5. Scotty Miller, Voice if the Bison

    No, this is not being said as if he is going to die.

    No one "pulls for" a cancer-fighter, than a fellow cancer-fighter, and I am pulling my ass off for him. There has been a B-ville thread about Scotty Miller, and I thought I would just share a thought here.

    Not only do I love Scotty's announcing, I love the fact that he takes the same enthusiasm for, as an example, Womens basketball, as he brings for Football. THATS the Herd mentality brought to life. ...

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