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  1. Cheating at North Carolina

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    Glad UNC got caught hope something is done to make sure less academic fraud happens.

    Student athletes who cheat or try to skate by without really learning anything are the ones that get hurt. What will they do once college football is over? Luckily I know a large majority of student athletes that are very competent students and will be great workers in the future. They aren't just at school play a sport or party.
    I totally understand eh
  2. FCS Bracketology 2.0

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    Playoff Field
    William and Mary at Liberty vs 1. NDSU
    SDSU at McNeese State vs 8. Montana

    Sacred Heart at Fordham vs 5. UNH
    Indiana State at EKU vs 4. Illinois State

    Jacksonville at Bethune-Cookman vs 6. CCU
    Northwestern State at Montana State vs 3. EWU

    SELA at Chattanooga vs 7. Jacksonville State
    Richmond at YSU vs 2. Nova

    Autobids(11): EWU, CCU, Nova, Bethune, NDSU, Sacred Hearth, Jax State, Fordham,
  3. The Official Road Trip to Iowa State Thread

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    I just thoughtn of a reason we should have a soft spot for iowa state. Isn't that where Mussman came from?

    News Alert. Ames has 6 bars by welch with 1500 guys and 23 girls
  4. Lakes...

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    Damn. I thought this thread was about fishing...
    I'm not saying what you did was right but believe me I understand
  5. Predictions, Over A Year In Advance, Of The Regular Season Matchup 2015

    Nominated for Hall of Shame. We have a title to defend.


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    Take a moment to think about what NDSU will loose and what UND will gain/not loose in the next year leading up to the renual of the top rivalry on FCS. Predict a score, attendance figures, top performances, and impact on the future.... of the rivalry.

    You know, I like you, BUT GIVE IT A FRICK'EN REST. The game is a year away. We have bigger fish to fry this season.