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  1. A new attack dog on Bresciani

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    The complaints are "communication and teamwork"? So they can't point to any plausible concerns with the results of his job performance, so their complaint is with his "communication and teamwork". What a joke.
    I am furious about this, F'ing livid. The board is out of control and it would be huge for Burgum to step up and take leadership on this now. We are the most backwards state in the union. Suffer in mediocrity...automatic contract extension. Start pulling ...
  2. The right time

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    The site below lists the Fargo-Valley City market at 115th with 240K TV homes. Add the 164K for western ND (139th largest) and you have a North Dakota market which is the 74th largest similar in size to Spokane, Omaha, and Rochester.

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    Yep. Fargo is the fastest growing medium sized city in the nation and our TV market is basically the entire state of North Dakota western MN. You really need to combine
  3. Seattle Regional

  4. Top Teams Over Past 5 Years (according to Sagarin)

    Over the past five years there is little doubt that NDSU has been the best program in the FCS. Here is a ranking of the top programs compared by Sagarin rating 5 year average. The results were surprising.

    1. NDSU. Ave rank 31.4 No big shock here as NDSU has won 5 NC in a row.

    2. UNI Ave rank 78.4 UNI has consistently been considered one of the toughest games on the NDSU schedule and the #2 ranking supports this contention.

    3. SHSU. Ave rank ...

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  5. 2016 NDSU NFL Pro Day

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    to put it in perspective, I compared CJ's testing numbers to other corners at the combine...

    If you forget about the bench press (7 is pretty low), he has numbers nearly identical to a guy named Vernon Hargreaves- a very talented guy for the Gators...

    Want to guess where he is projected to be drafted by many of the experts: TOP 10

    However, CJ is 12-13 lbs lighter which is a big deal as a corner in the NFL.
    You can compare CJ to a ton ...