1. FCS Bracketology 2.0

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    Playoff Field
    William and Mary at Liberty vs 1. NDSU
    SDSU at McNeese State vs 8. Montana

    Sacred Heart at Fordham vs 5. UNH
    Indiana State at EKU vs 4. Illinois State

    Jacksonville at Bethune-Cookman vs 6. CCU
    Northwestern State at Montana State vs 3. EWU

    SELA at Chattanooga vs 7. Jacksonville State
    Richmond at YSU vs 2. Nova

    Autobids(11): EWU, CCU, Nova, Bethune, NDSU, Sacred Hearth, Jax State, Fordham,
  2. Summit League Building Boom

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    Just thought I would highlight some of the Arena projects across the Summit League....The SHAC is not the only project...

    IUPUI(Pepsi Coliseum)

    Upon completion, the Coliseum is expected to seat 6,841 guests for basketball and will include fully renovated locker rooms, a suspended state-of-the-art double ribbon video board and hospitality options throughout fully updated