1. Scotty Miller, Voice if the Bison

    No, this is not being said as if he is going to die.

    No one "pulls for" a cancer-fighter, than a fellow cancer-fighter, and I am pulling my ass off for him. There has been a B-ville thread about Scotty Miller, and I thought I would just share a thought here.

    Not only do I love Scotty's announcing, I love the fact that he takes the same enthusiasm for, as an example, Womens basketball, as he brings for Football. THATS the Herd mentality brought to life. ...

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  2. Bohls decision

    We are not upset with the decision to leave, its the TIMING of it?
    First: I want to wish Coach Bohl all the best, I hope he turns Wyoming around and wins the FBS playoff someday. The only time I will root against Wyoming would be if NDSU plays them, then let the Beat-Down begin...literally.

    Second: Many have said.."He had nothing more to gain here at NDSU". Thats BS. He made a lateral(at best) move, so what he gained was salary. He has not "more" potential, ...
  3. Ticket Sales

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    So was it ever resolved if you could scalp tickets in ND or not? There are some pretty outrageous prices for tickets on Craigslist:

    "Parting with 2 general admission tickets available for Saturday's sold out game. $125 for the pair... I will let them go tonight."

    "1 pair of reserved sideline tickets for sale. Tickets are $80 each. Section 22 Row KK...seats are on the aisle!!"

    "selling 3 GA tickets to Bison Semifinal Playoff game!