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  1. GDT: NDSU vs. Missouri State

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    The Citadel just beat South Carolina....great win for the FCS!
    I knee Carson would dress.
  2. Bill to keep Sioux nickname

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    I say "BS, to you Tom!" A "subtle but distinctive way to the old" certainly does keep the controversy alive because the old is not really dead then. L-E-T I-T G-O!
    Use the school colors, use the same line weight and angular elements but for the love of God don't just remake the same logo into a bird or rip off the Blackhawks. OR better yet as cbline and Elsa said LET IT GO!

    This article reminds me of the rebel flag issue. You see how that worked ...
  3. BISONATION Recruiting Updates

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    TE offer... Chase Allen... 6'7" 224

    Offers: Iowa State, North Texas, UCF, UNLV, Missouri State, Southern Illinois, Western Kentucky, Wyoming

    @NDSUonScout: #NDSU has offered @nixa_football TE @Dr_ChaseAllen this evening.
    I would take that as Beyer is gone.
    Unless most of those FBS offers are gone NDSU has no chance. Not even spend the time to make a profile ...
  4. GDT: NDSU vs. Western Illinois

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    Hell YES!!! PGT
    about time we get a pick 6!!
  5. ISU-blue Post-Game Thoughts.

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    I just started re watching it. I will have to look for that. If it was the safety man was he way out of postion
    I think in that play the opposite safety had the QB. The safety on PGT'S side had coverage on the slot. At least that is how I saw it.
    Don't they usually teach it inside out. MLB has dive, OLB has QB, and safety has alley support or pitch man depending on the play type. I know some schemes have been running where the free DE forces the runningback on the dive ...